Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Monday, May 14, 2012

Voyager Classes for Fall 2012

The classes listed below are the choices offered for the Horizons Family CoOp Voyager students (ages 9-early teen).

A variety of age-appropriate games, music, and unit studies will be provided for the younger groups as well (for example, the 4-6 yo Scouts will be using the Five in a Row Curriculum).  There will also be an American Government class offered at the same time as the CoOp - more information will follow!

The Voyagers are the only group that has class choices.  So, take a look at the wonderful options coming this fall:

  1st Hour (Choose 1)

1A. Biology: Classification of Living Things                   
Instructor: Brenda Gilardone
Come and discover different plant and animal types and species.  Students will learn about those kingdoms and be introduced to the classification system through instruction, hands-on activities, and discussion.
Limited Class Size: 10

1B. I Love California                                       
Instructor: Virginia Nakiah-Burnes
An in-depth look at our home state, its history, wildlife, government, and more. Learn about how the Golden State blends in with the rest of the states and what makes it special.
Class Limit: 10

1C. SERVICEFor kids 11 or older who would prefer to spend this hour assisting in the nursery, Sprouts, Scouts, or Explorer Groups.

2nd Hour (Choose 1)

2A. Intro to Improvisational Theater                               
Instructor: Angi Herrick
An introduction to the basic skills of improvisational theater. Students will improve active listening skills, critical thinking skills, and learn to work creatively in a team environment.
Class Limit: 10

2B. History of the Reformation                                     
Instructor: Tiffany Sheldon
This course will give a brief history of the Reformation. Students will learn about the key players of the Reformation such as Martin Luther, John Huss, John Wycliffe, etc. We will also have a Reformation celebration around Reformation Day (October 31). Students will walk away from this class with an appreciation and knowledge of the men who stood against church authorities of their time and questioned how and what they were being taught.
Class Limit: 10

2C. SERVICEFor kids 11 or older who would prefer to spend this hour assisting in the nursery, Sprouts, Scouts, or Explorer Groups.

Adventures in Homeschooling Expo Postponed Until Next Spring

I am sorry to announce the the "Adventures in Homeschooling" Expo that was planned for Saturday, May 19th, has been cancelled.  We fell short of the number of families needed to successfully stage this event, considering set-up, clean-up and the time taken out of everyone's Saturday afternoon and evening.

But, I was - and am - encouraged by the positive comments and offers to help!  I have no doubt that we will be able to go forward with this event next spring.  I already have in place entry forms that can be submitted online, so getting those entries to me will be a whole lot easier.

So, KEEP THE EXPO IN MIND as you plan your lessons and co-ops for next year - there will be a venue for you to showcase them!!

While this event is to share what has been done the current school year, those families who did sign-up to participate this time around are welcome to include the displays they have ready to go (IF you want to store them until next spring).

Again, sorry to those families who turned in their forms and were looking forward to Saturday.  This really is a wonderful family evening and we WILL try again.